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I'm wondering how I can controll an Monocolor Dot Matrix Display using Arduino.

(Sure electronics 2416 Monocolor LED Dot Matrix Display)

My goal is to send some commands to the display and after that send an array which
contains every single "pixel" to display to the dot matrix in order for it to show this data
to the screen.

What I've currently got:
Code: [Select]
void setup() {
  for(uint16_t i : output) {
    pinMode(i, OUTPUT);
//             command, chip select
  sendcom(SYS_EN, CS1);                                 //Display System Oszillator activation
  sendcom(M_MODE, CS1);                                 //set Display MASTER-Mode
  sendcom(NMOS_COM16, CS1);                             //Display Modus 24x16 NMOS open Drain Output wählen
  sendcom(LED_ON, CS1);                                 //activate Display LEDs
  sendcom(PWM_16, CS1);                                 //PWM: 16/16 dutycycle
  sendcom(BLK_ON, CS1);                                 //Blink-Mode

  sendcom(SYS_EN, CS2);                                 //Display System Oszillator activation
  sendcom(M_MODE, CS2);                                 //set Display MASTER-Mode
  sendcom(NMOS_COM16, CS2);                             //Display Modus 24x16 NMOS open Drain Output wählen
  sendcom(LED_ON, CS2);                                 //activate Display LEDs
  sendcom(PWM_16, CS2);                                 //PWM: 16/16 dutycycle
  sendcom(BLK_ON, CS2);                                 //Blink-Mode


void loop() {

// TODO: fill buffer

Other information (I hope I've got right):
sendcom: (100)
- set CS (0)
- Data = 1
- create clock
- sepererate databits
- set DT
- create clock
- set CS (1)

create clock:
- WR = 0
- delay
- WR = 1
- delay

senddata: (101)
- add memory address from chip infront of data

DT stand for data
CS is chip select
WR is for the clock stuff
The question:

  • How can I seperate the data-bits and send it via DT?
  • How can I send a complete array of data in one go?


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