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we started coding for The Tactigon board, and one of our first sketch was a controller for the Alphabot2.

The robot itself has an Arduino Uno with BLE breakout board connected, while The Tactigon was programmed with Arduino IDE and uses its 9DoF IMU to send wheels speed to the robot.

Here is a short video:

Download both sketches from attachment.

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The Tactigon Team


Um, is this spam or did you have a question?


sorry if this seems spam.
It's a work in progress, at the moment the robot moves but we'd like to integrate more with provided sensors.

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I think what he meant was that your assumption that anyone here would know what alphabot2 or tactigon is, is seriously flawed.  When asking about something like that you should provide some links or at least a basic description of what the heck it is that you're talking about. 
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i can describe the little project in different way, sorry for the inconvenience.
The Tactigon is a new board compatible with Arduino IDE (more informations here: https://www.open-electronics.org/the-tactigon-the-gesture-controller/ ).
It has an integrated 9DoF IMU, 32bit, 32 MHz microcontroller, temperature and pressure sensors, and Bluetooth Low Energy.
We're willing to control a little rover, the Alphabot2 (to simplify the process to create the rover itself) already populated with sensors, motor control board and Arduino Uno.
Since it offers BLE we chose that.

In the current state we can drive the rover, connected in BLE, by rolling and pitching The Tactigon.
We will use other sensors provided by the Alphabot2 to avoid collisions and help in following lines, like new cars.

This video shows better the current state of the project!

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