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I simply want to send AT to the ESP8266 and receive OK. If it does then I will be a happy bunny.



The Arduino IDE supports portable operation which might help. Portable means all the Arduino files will be installed in a drive/directory that is on a removable USB drive or SD card. The idea is to install the Arduino IDE on a removable drive plugged into a PC with Internet access. Install the ESP8266 board package and libraries from the Internet. Unplug the USB or SD device then plug it into the PC without Internet access.

As for AT commands, it depends whether the factory burned in the AT command firmware or not. The ESP12s I have checked came with the NodeMCU Lua firmware. ESP01s came with AT firmware installed. I usually burn firmware with the Arduino IDE without checking so you mileage may vary.

It is possible to burn AT firmware into any ESP. See the Espressif site for the latest.


The options I have to install the libraries insist on an Internet connection. Also the libraries are there in the archive
Stop calling it "libraries". That's just going to confuse things. It's much more than libraries, it's also hardware definitions and a complete toolchain (compiler and uploader) for the ESP8266. Without the latter two the libraries are useless.

why can't I install offline?
The files are on the Internet. How are you going to download them?

Is it possible to manually install?
Yes, but it requires creating a very specific folder structure and is fairly complicated. The easiest way is to install the package on an online computer and then copy it over to the offline computer.

I simply want to send AT to the ESP8266 and receive OK. If it does then I will be a happy bunny.
Then you're using the ESP8266 as a WiFi module running the AT firmware and all this talk about the ESP8266 core for Arduino and the ESP8266WiFi library is completely irrelevant. It's time for you to stop wasting our time and explain exactly what you're trying to accomplish.


<quote>Yes, but it requires creating a very specific folder structure and is fairly complicated.</quote>

I would think 19MB is complicated with a considerable directory structure.

Anyway I shall try installing on one of my online machines.

Nevertheless you could be civil once in a while.



Andrue, you are not on the path to AT commands. With esp8266 you can write arduino sketches for the esp8266. ones that actually run in the esp. but you want to run the AT firmware in the esp.


OK I must have been confused when I read an article that said I could send modem commands to an ESP8266 and get a response.

The main reason I started this thread in the first place was because of a missing ESP8266WIFI.h library.

I installed the cores by entering the json filename into the preferences and summoning the board manager and install the cores.

I have another library E1.31 that requires ESP8266WIFI.h and Arduino IDE cannot find it when I cannot find it online.



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In the Arduino IDE, have you have you selected one of the ESP8266 modules under Tools > Board?

The ESP8266WiFi.h library won't appear otherwise, with the code in the IDE displaying as
#include <ESP8266WiFi.h>
instead of
#include <ESP8266WiFi.h>

(Either way, as explained by pert, this library isn't what you need for what you're trying to achieve, and I don't think you'll be able to use this library to compile for anything other than an ESP8266 module)

(possibly relevant link  ;D : x-y problem)

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