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Hi All...

I ran accross someone who uses a Toast R Oven as a wave solderer. I have a few surface mount chips I need to solder to break out boards and the pins are small. My wife has a toaster oven. Can I put some solder paste on the board pads, put the board in an oven and turn it on? Would this work?



i think most smd chips have specific soldering instructions, check the data sheets. if i recall you have to keep the temperature fairly steady and possibly ramp it up or down over a period of time.


There are quite a few tutorials on the web about how to use a toaster oven or hot plate for reflow soldering. Creating the proper ramp or temperature profile is going to be difficult without control of the heating elements.

Once you put solder through the oven, you should never use it for food again.
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Once you put solder through the oven, you should never use it for food again.

I just want to make this point very, very clear; lead poisoning is not a fun thing, people...

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As a former Wave Solder operator... I would like to make clear that a toaster and a Wave Solder machine have little in common other than varying degrees of heat.  What you are discussing is a Solder Re-Flow Oven.

Solder Wave method  is a flowing fountain of molten solder...

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