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Ran Talbott

I was in the midst of writing a reply to a thread when I noticed that I had mysteriously been logged out by the forum software.

So I opened a new window,  and logged in so I could get back to the topic and start a new reply, the way I do on other systems that have login "timeouts".

Much to my horror, when I went back to copy the reply text from the original window to the new one, I discovered that something had forced an update of that window, and erased everything I had written.  :0

This is worse than merely stupid: it's downright evil,  and a fundamental violation of the client-server relationship.

Somebody needs to be spanked for doing this.



we are working with a way to solve this issue. You are not the first one reporting that the forum timed out before finishing a message. Our current solution (on the drawing board) will consist in a small a-la-Google popup that will let you know your session expired and will give you the chance to copy the text you were editing by not refreshing the window. This solution should work for all the different systems that are currently integrated in the identification bar and all the new ones to come.


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