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I have a lot of scrap boards form various electronics. Most of them are old or junked alarm panel, but a few are "radios" (cell tower type radios and GSM communicators). I tinker around a little bit with arduinos and such but I am still very much an amateur. I've collected the boards thinking I could harvest the components off of them. I have already gutted all the LCDs, LEDs, capacitors, and voltage regulators. But there are tons of chips and things that I have no idea what to do with. I have tried Googling them but all I get is datasheets which don't tell me anything about what real world use they would have. Anyone know what they are and if they can be used (LCDs, more inputs/outputs etc..)?

I have TONS of:
LM324N, LM358, LM339, ULN2803A, ULN2004A, HCF4099BE, M74HC14B1, M74HC373, 74HC377N, 74F541N, 74HC20N, 74HC365N, 74HCT374N, HEF4021BP, CD4094BE, CD4093BE, CA339E, HEF4013BP, HCF4022BE, HCF4066BE, HCF4012BE, HCF4051BE.

Like the CD4094BE can be used to gain 8 more outputs correct?



Yeah, just check out the datasheets... The only problem is when that thing doesn't actually have a datasheet. I have what I believe in a really old RF oscillator (from a really old motion detector setup) and, while I know which company made it, I don't think a datasheet exists for the part on the internet.



The LM324N is a QUAD Operationnal Amplifier http://www.national.com/mpf/LM/LM324.html#Overview
The LM358 is a dual Operationnal Amplifier http://www.national.com/mpf/LM/LM358.html#Overview,
An Op-Amp can be used as a voltage comparator, for active filters, to be used as a oscillator...

The LM339 is a QUAD voltage comparator http://www.national.com/mpf/LM/LM339.html#Overview

The 74HC20N is a NANDGATE I think, google what this is!

So I won't google you every part :p

But if you read the datasheets of your pieces you can google what they are and get information about their application.

Just to give you an int, a shift register can use 2 pins to get you 8/16 outputs,
Gates, like OR/AND gates are... gates, which open when the right conditions are respected!
Op-Amp are amplifiers which can be used for a wide range of application, from audio to logic.

Good luck reading and googling! I wish I helped you a bit...
If you are not sure about specific use of a type of part ask and I'll try to answer you.

Take a look here: http://tronixstuff.wordpress.com/2010/10/20/tutorial-arduino-and-the-i2c-bus/
There is tutorials about shift registers, and more.


If you look at most of those, the first few sentences of each datasheet usually tell you the answer. If you need help with putting that into understandable English, wikipedia, http://www.play-hookey.com/digital , and a quality electronics book are you best friends.

Good luck and have fun! Sometimes the greatest ideas come from salvaged parts...

P.S, for a little help googling (all in good fun of course)  ;) http://lmgtfy.com/?q=CD4093BE


LM324N, LM358, LM339, ULN2803A,  M74HC14B1, M74HC373, 74F541N, 74HCT374N, HEF4013BP,  HCF4066BE, HCF4051BE.

Those are all particularly common and useful parts (well, maybe not the F541, which is a power hungry thing by todays standards...)  (from memory: opamp, opamp, comparator, driver, schmitt trigger hex inverter, octal latch, octal driver, octal flipflop, dual D flipflop, analog switch, analog multiplexer.)  The others were not immediately recognizable :-)

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