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Total Arduino newbie here.

Can a arduino support 3 3-axis accelerometers?

The total project involves collecting the data from the 3 accelerometers and storing the data on a SD card (maybe wirelessly transmit it in a future iteration).

I was hoping for some advice on the arduino board to use.  How about Netduino?  I am an experienced .NET programmer so that would be an option but I have no real preference either way.

Thanks in advance!



Can a arduino support 3 3-axis accelerometers?

uses 3 analog pins to get the data.

So, if you have 9 or more analog pins, then the answer is yes. All you need to do is look at the specs for each Arduino and see how many analog pins it has. To make it easy, start with the Mega. Then, stop.

How about Netduino?

Mine does not have 9 analog pins...
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