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I'm building an autonomous mobile robot that I have called Henry (for lack of a better name).  This robot has most of the initial hardware and the wiring infrastructure in place now.  I can get the MOVI to hear and speak, the head to rotate, the power supplies can go on and off line as required and the majority of sensors in the head are power live.  Currently I have 12 Arduino boards in place with approx the same number to go.  The project weighs about 50 KGs and stands approx 1.5 m, so not small.

Each board does its own "pre-processing" of its sensor before sending data to the bus to keep the traffic to a minimum.

That's the outline, what I'm currently trying to do is send and receive "packets" via I2C between the boards as and when functions are required to be acted upon.  The structure of the packet is originator, destination, urgency/weight, Action, value in the following format AA1A111.  I need to get the values from the string as either char or int.  I have tried several things but not getting anywhere.  The number of chars is constant.

What I need to know is the following:

Would it be best to send and receive the packet from tables and assemble or dis assemble at each board
or use substring and atio function on each board or something like this.

Either way I will need a little help to push me in the right direction

Thanks in advance


I believe I found a solution to this in the forum



Attached is an image as to the basic body of "Henry"


I've heard of C and C++. I've never heard of C+. Can you tell us a bit about it?
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I've heard of C and C++. I've never heard of C+. Can you tell us a bit about it?
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