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Interesting. I didnt know the signal(s?) got through those analog multiplexers with no power.

Maybe use opto-couplers on the inputs. Digital signals for the opto input (on/off), analog inputs with some circuit for the "other side".. Which may be as simple as just a resistor to GND. But then you might not need the HC4052 :)

Or, keep it powered but inhibited.

It gotta be possible somehow! (Without resorting to relays).
(FYI, I'm not an audiophile either).


Maybe use opto-couplers on the inputs.

Problem is that opto couplers are not linear devices so you need an opto with one LED and two photo transistors and an op-amp to get a liner response.
But basically passing signals through unpowered equipment is a rather odd thing to want to do.

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