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I'm using SdFat with long filenames. Everything is fine until I attempt to create filenames with accented letters, but if filename contains one or more accented char File.open() fails.
Can anyone tell me what's the problem?

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Can anyone tell me what's the problem?
Sure. English doesn't have accented letters. The people that wrote the specs, and the code, don't routinely use accented letters. They all use the same 26 lower case letters and the same 26 upper case letters that are defined in the ASCII table. In case you have forgotten, the A stands for American.
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It means that filename can't contain any characters above #127??
I didn't find such limitation in the SdFat docs...


I didn't find such limitation in the SdFat docs...
Probably because they were written by an American.


src/SdFatConfig.h  (also extras/html/_sd_fat_config_8h.html)

 * Set USE_LONG_FILE_NAMES nonzero to use long file names (LFN).
 * Long File Name are limited to a maximum length of 255 characters.
 * This implementation allows 7-bit characters in the range
 * 0X20 to 0X7E except the following characters are not allowed:
 *  < (less than)
 *  > (greater than)
 *  : (colon)
 *  " (double quote)
 *  / (forward slash)
 *  \ (backslash)
 *  | (vertical bar or pipe)
 *  ? (question mark)
 *  * (asterisk)

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