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I have posted a similar question in the Libelium forum, but not got a reply for some time now ...
hope someone in this forum might know a bit further, as I am a bit stuck.

I would like to use for the transmission of panning/tilting commands between two Arduinos
(one is a Mega2560, the other one is a Uno), --two Xbee Pro 868MHz modules, sitting on the
Xbee shield >as seen in the attach.

Compared to the 2.4GHz module (Series 2.5, 50mW), the 868MHz module has a better through-the-wall penetration and line-of-sight range, --so although the 868 module has a nasty 10% duty cycle, which limits the module to 6min. transmission time per hour, it could work better for short periods of time.

As I can't find a schematic for the depicted Xbee Pro shield, my question is if it endures enough power for the 868MHz Xbee Pro module which requires at 3-3.6 VDC, a transmit current of 500mA (typical) up
to 800mA (max.), --or is it better to supply the mentioned Xbee Pro modules themselves, via an external power supply?
Like this the modules would get enough current, without blocking up useful pins of the Arduino and still communicate via the mentioned Xbee Pro shield regarding the exchange of sensory input towards the Arduinos.


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