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I am looking for a breakout board, or a PCB I can solder in a atmega328.  Ideally it would be somewhat compact like the Arduino UNO, however, not too picky.

If this doesn't exist (which I doubt) where can I buy a few?  I've got all the parts for my arduino for under $7.00 - just need a PCB board.  I do have proto boards, but want something more permanent.  The generic solder boards are a pain in the !@#.


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How about this one:



There are lots of choices.

Adafruit BoArduino is available as a bare board. (already mentioned.)
Modern Devices has the Bare Bones Board and the Really Bare Bones Board.
NKC Electronics has A full Freeduino Bare Board as well as some older "runtime" and "serial" bare boards.
Evil Mad Scientists have a business-card sized megaxx8 breakout board as well as their Diavolino in bare board form
You can make your own Single sided Really Bare Bones Board

There are probably more...


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Or roll your own.
Here is my version of a promini schematic relayed out using DIP parts, to fit on the standard mini-service size board that expresspcb offers, with power & all traces on the top layer, and the bottom being ground only.
Can replace the expansion holes with more copies of the board. Cut 'em apart with a hacksaw to separate them.
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