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Im working on a robotics plateform but i need to know how would i get enough servos connected to control about 10 to 12 and two dc motors. Im new to arduino and i am unsure if there is one with enough pin outs or a way to do this thank you.


The standard  mega328 based arduino board has 19 I/O pins (counting the analog pins that can be used as digital pins) that you can utilize. If that fits your total input and output needs then it's all software and proper power supply design after that. If more I/O pins are needed then you can either add shift registers to add I/O pins or go with a mega1280/2560 based arduino board that has 54 I/O pins.


ok now another question is if I use the mega328 how many pins are out puts and how many are inputs. Also how do I connect 2 dc motors to this card? Do I just use any motor controler or is there a special one?


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mega328 based arduino board has 19 I/O pins

All these pins can be set as I or O individually.

As for the motor there are many driver chips. If you don't need FWD/REV then just a resistor/transistor/diode is all you need.

Search on the forum, there's been a 1000 threads about driving DC motors.

Having said that I can't find a single tute on the subject, I know they are around so someone will post here soon I'm sure.

Meanwhile look at this


It shows a relay but the idea is the same, just substitute the relay with a DC motor.

Another simple way to get FWD/REV is with a DPDT relay.

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A shield like http://www.seeedstudio.com/depot/renbotics-servoshield-rev-11-p-498.html?cPath=132_134&zenid=e6894fd90e9670f6645d24c3faa83100 will give you control of up to 16 servos using only 4 Arduino pins.  A motor shield could be stacked with that to give you motor control capabilities as well, and still leave plenty of IO available for stuff like sensors (which are essential if you're thinking of building an autonomous robot, not so necessary if you're just interested in tele-operation).

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