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I have an ideal, I want to make a led spectrum with source audio from my PC. I want to get audio output by USB port cause sometime I use headphone but still see spectrum.
Please point me how I can do this!


It would seem this is a PC problem. Getting the audio out of the PC on serial requires a program on the PC to do it. I don't see this as an Arduino problem.


And maybe that PC program should do the spectrum calculations and send the results to the Arduino to display them respectively.

The thing is: the AVR Arduinos may not have enough "horsepower" to calculate the spectrum and display it; I mean it can, but not at a decent framerate.
And then there is the serial port; which can't keep up at transmitting raw audio data unless an insane baud rate is used (1 Mbps and above). 115200 bps barely can deal with 8 KHz 8-bit mono audio data; and remember that lower sample rates limits the spectrum's frequency range. Sending a lossy-compressed stream (like the MP3 one) doesn't work either; an AVR Arduino has not enough power and RAM to decode the stream in real time.

So, I suggest you to only transmit pre-calculated data to the Arduino. The computer does the hardest part, then the Arduino just displays the results. A decent framerate can be achieved that way.


Thank you so much, this is the first time I do with Arduino. So let me check this again
Thank you


I want to get audio output by USB port cause sometime I use headphone but still see spectrum.
Normally, you'd use a Y-Splitter to send the audio signal to your headphones/speakers and to the Arduino at the same time.

Another way to do it is with a "pass-through" connection where you plug your Arduino box into the sound source, then plug your headphones/speakers into the Arduino box. 

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