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Hello All,

I'm having a world of trouble trying to download and install the ATTINY libraries by D A Mellis.
When I enter this link (https://raw.githubusercontent.com/damellis/attiny/ide-1.6.x-boards-manager/package_damellis_attiny_index.json) into the preferences section and open the board manager, it says "Error downloading https://raw.githubusercontent.com/damellis/attiny/ide-1.6.x-boards-manager/package_damellis_attiny_index.json".

I've tried it on both the 1.6.8 and 1.6.10 versions of the Arduino IDE.

Any ideas on how to get it working? Is there an option to manually install it?  :smiley-confuse:

 - PlaneCrazy


Works for me.

Can you open https://raw.githubusercontent.com/damellis/attiny/ide-1.6.x-boards-manager/package_damellis_attiny_index.json in your browser?

There should be a more informative error message shown in the black console window at the bottom of the Arduino IDE window after you close Boards Manager. Post that here using code tags (</> button on the toolbar).


Hello Pert,

Thanks for your reply.
Yup, I can open it in the browser.
For the error message, what I posted below is literally the only message that pops up...  :smiley-confuse:


Try this:
  • Click the link on the line after File > Preferences > More preferences can be edited directly in the file: - this should open a folder named something like Arduino15 (the exact name depends on your OS).
  • Delete all files in that folder except preferences.txt. Please be very careful when deleting files on your computer. When in doubt back up!
  • Open Boards Manager again to see if the download error still occurs.

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