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Hello Arduino community!

I am trying to solder a boarduino from kit using this guide (https://learn.adafruit.com/boarduino-kits/solder-it). During the course of assembly, it said to check to ensure that the Green LED illuminated (done after attaching power, diode, power regulator, capacitors). I did not have an adequate power supply on hand as the board required 7-17V and I only had 5V. Since I did not have it on hand, I decided to continue ahead with the soldering anyway. After finishing up and getting a 9V battery later on, I found that the Green LED still wasn't turning on. The battery is relatively charged (~8V reading from multimeter).

I checked connections to ensure that after placing the jumper that connectivity was there and power was flowing. I used the multimeter across the power regulator and found ~1.5V between the outside two pins when using a 5V supply and ~2.5 using a 9V supply.

I checked with other online resources to make sure that I followed the soldering process properly and that I have matched up my components with the silkscreen on the board. I am still unable to find the issue with the soldering yet the light is still not illuminating as expected. I was wondering if I was missing something or have messed up somewhere along the way. Attached are pictures of the board both front and back and I would appreciate any help with this!

Front - https://i.imgur.com/dsbklgV.jpg
Back - https://i.imgur.com/PStgnhs.jpg


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