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I've been trying to connect this (http://www.inkocean.in/gprs-a6-module-sms-board-gsm-gprs-wireless-data-transmission-over-sim900a) GPRS GSM A6 module to arduino for some time now. I don't know what am I doing wrong. I get no response on serial monitor.

The connection is as follows,
1) ground of module to ground of arduino
2) U_RXD of module to tx of arduino
3) U_TXD of module to rx of arduino
4) VCC_IN of module to PWR of the module
5) A 5V 0.5 A external power adaptor for this GPRS GSM module.

After connection I set the baud rate in serial monitor to 115200. But when I send the AT command in serial monitor I get no response, nothing. There is no problem with my sim. It works perfectly fine when I insert it in the mobile.
So, what might be the problem here?
Thanks in advance!


Hi, its old topic but I have same problem here.
Did You find the solution?

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