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I bought the attached TFT touch display and I cannot find a library that will make it work fully. I tried 4 different libraries but the best I can do is get the display to work but not the touch screen nor the SD card.

I asked the seller where to find the correct arduino libraries but he didn't know what a library was.

Does anyone know where the appropriate library is?

Here is the device I bought.


Your link shows a readable photo.

I can read mcufriend.com (ili9340) on one photo and (ili9335) on another photo.

Install/Upgrade MCUFRIEND_kbv library from the Library Manager.

It supports ILI9340 and ILI9335.   As well as about 30 other controllers.
There is a "diagnose_TFT" sketch.



Thanks David. I'm making progress. The mcufriend library works well with graphics.

I had to load the adafruit touchscreen library to get the touchscreen to work.
The remaining problem is the SD card.  Any recommendations on how to get that working?

Again, Thanks for the help.


This TFT Display is now fully functional.
I loaded the Arduino Library and set the chip select pin to 10 for my UNO and the SD card is now working.


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