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Cannot find error "expected primary expression before { taken".


Please post your code and the exact error message you're seeing.

I'm not going to waste my mobile data on 200k of PDF.
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Posting the complete error would help.


You have:
Code: [Select]
} else if ((sensorValue >= 300) && {sensorValue < 700) {

The "&& {" is one problem.  It should be "&& (" and you are missing a ')' after the "700)".

This would be much easier to catch if you had used Toole->Auto Format on your code.  Any you should have included the code in your post.
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Any you should have included the code in your post.
For sure, but if you really must attach it then attach it as a .ino or even a .txt.  Why convert it to .pdf and waste people's bandwidth?
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