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Please note I'm a beginner here so I'm asking for help/recommendations.

Im looking at monitoring temperature from -25 celsius to 30 celsius.

Q. would it be possible to be able to remotely log into the device and check the temperature?
Q. would it be possible to log the temp every say 10mins?
Q. would it be possible to set hi or low alarm points and have a notification sent.

I really dont know where to start or even if this is possible.

Really appreciate any help.

Thanks Alex


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Here's an example that can do most of that:


I use this to monitor my home in rural Vermont when travelling..   And turn the furnace up about 8 hours before getting home!

And it logs day after day that you can check online...

It's possible to set email notifications.
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I really dont know where to start or even if this is possible.

I think the obvious place you start would be here.
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