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So I am revising my Phi-1 shield design to make it compatible with the official Ethernet shield. Problem is, I don't have the shield. I don't see myself having enough money and using that shield. I want to know how tall the Ethernet jack is. Could someone measure it in mm or inch for me? Thanks.

From pics I can find, I sense that it is taller than the female headers, which is my concern. I can work out the lateral dimensions from the design files but not the height. Thank you!


I want to know how tall the Ethernet jack is.

Go to http://arduino.cc/en/Main/ArduinoEthernetShield
Click on http://arduino.cc/en/uploads/Main/arduino-ethernet-shield-05-reference-design.zip
Open .sch file in Eagle.
Right click on Ethernet connector.
Choose 'Properties'.
Highlight 'SI-40138'.
Press Ctrl-C.
Open Google.
Press Ctrl-V.
Press Enter.
Download http://www.aquaphoenix.com/hardware/ledlamp/reference/si-40138_data_sheet.pdf

Am I missing something here?



Thank you! I was thinking too much about having an actual ethernet shield and measuring with a ruler. I didn't think along the line you pointed out. So the entire thing is 15.12mm tall!


Just did a measure, 15.12mm seems pretty major. Did anyone stack any shields above the official ethernet shield? What's your experience? Do I have to use stacking headers?

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