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I may have the chance to visit London later this year from the US.  I have been once before about 6 years ago. I plan on visiting Bletchley Park.  Any other suggestions of what to see?



Trip adviser has lots of reconmendations. Tower bridge is worth a visit, but I've only ever been to london once, for a weekend, so I cannot add that much more than this.
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But Bletchley Park isn't in London.


But Bletchley Park isn't in London.

I realize that.  It is only a short train ride away.


Pubs, that is all you need to see :D



There are some great bookstores in London.  And Harrod's...
(You can get Terry Pratchett in the original British!)


Thanks Gordon.
I hadn't heard of the Design Museum, but it looks like something I would like.


HMS Belfast

Imperial War Museum

Kew steam museum
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Stop by Greenwich Observatory maybe? Nice view, there's a planetarium there as well I think...

Would definitely recommend the V&A - they've always got something good on.


Hello again!
This morning I read a magazine article saying that they were re-building one of the first ever computers in the computer museum, at Bletchley Park.


The magasine article was in BBC Focus,
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I would defiantly recommend Foyles Book Shop the one marked A
It is close to Denmark Street where all the mulsc / music tech shops are.


Not a lot of people know you can get a guided tour of Parliament and a trip up Big Ben. Even if you're not into politics (like I'm not) it's still a very interesting experience.  Best not have an arduino and dangling wires in your rucksack as security / searches were similar to an international airport when I went. It also says book in advance....



and a trip up Big Ben

He means the Palace of Westminster Clock Tower, sometimes known as St Stephen's Tower  ;)
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I may be wrong, but you can only go in to the parliament and big ben if you are a british national.

If you're an Arthur Conan Doyle fan, you can always visit the 221b, Baker Street. There's a tube station close by.

For lunch, during weekends, I'd recommend Borough Market right next to London Bridge (do not confuse with Tower Bridge) or Greenwich Market.
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