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Hello everyone.
Last week I just bought a Arduno One and I since then trying to use it in Ubuntu 10.10. As many of you have had problems for programming and especially to use the serial port (ttyACM0). There are plenty of posts solutions to do the Uno compatible with Linux, but I see that there is no definitive solution. But what I most miss is that there is a solution clearly and concisely, given by the Arduino Team. Show my surprise that I get very excited Arduino after using Basic Stamp, Propeller PicAxe , and on these platforms would be inconceivable that situation.


Jaume Nogues
Vall Hebron Tech School



If you go to "Ubuntu Software Centre" under the Applications menu, and type in "Arduino" you get the Arduino IDE version 18+dfsg-4, which as far as I'm aware simply won't work with the current Uno product. How this situation is allowed to happen and still be happening after all these months is beyond belief. Utterly stupid. Ridiculous. Not only totally unfriendly for beginners, it sets up a minefield of failure even before they start.


If it 'sort of works' but has a hangup using serial and subsequent reprogramming, then reflashing the 8U2 firmware is probably the way to go.  I made a lot of negative noises about the Uno before I reflashed the firmware, now its as good as my FTDI boards (Duemilanoves).

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