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Hello I have a Duemilanove with ATmega328. Can I remove that chip and load sketches onto a ATMega168?  If so is that all I need to do?  I want to rearrange the code on my Bleep Labs Nebulophone, and want to leave the original chip and source code intact.  (I know the Nebulophone has rst rx and tx nicely spaced for a 3 pin header and could use this to update the code, but I don't have the 3 pin header and want to have a back up chip) So I bought a couple of these chips (ATMega168 but 20PU).  Also I am trying to get a seeedstudio music shield to work with the supplied code and Arduino 22 will successfully compile the code for Duemilanove w/ 168 but not for Duemilanove w/ 368 so I want to try that too.

Will these things work with the basic knowledge I have or is there some details I have overlooked?

Could anybody reassure me that ATMega168 10PU and 20PU chips would work interchangeably in this application.  Is the 9v typ input voltage would be within the acceptable range of both?

I am also looking to buy more Arduinos and want some encouragement to get a mega.  I guess the question is...
...Is this ambitious or overkill as I am a total beginner but tend to obsess about hobbies.  I am currently making toys and music making projects but robots and things are not out of the question.  Thanks


You have quite a few questions so I'm pretty sure I am not answering them all.

The 168 and 328 can be swapped easily on the Duemilanove.  You will need to change the board type in the IDE.  For that matter, you can swap it on the Uno as well but you have to create a new board profile for the Uno w/168.

The chip will need to be programmed with an Arduino bootloader if it isn't already.

I may be mistaken but I believe the 10PU is only rated for 10MHz operation.
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Thanks for a reply and answers to any of my questions is appreciated!  This Nebulophone gadget comes with a ATMega168-10U. The chips I have purchased are ATMega168-20U.


Is the 9v typ input voltage would be within the acceptable range of both?

9V is acceptable for neither chip or indeed any AVR, however if you're talking about VIN to an Arduino board with a regulator that that's OK.

get a mega.  I guess the question is...
...Is this ambitious or overkill

It may be overkill for many projects, but then again not for others. It's no harder to program with a Mega than a standard Arduino so "ambitious" doesn't really come into it. In fact it's probably easier to program the Mega because you have more resouces.

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