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Tag zusammen,

Hab mir grad meinen ersten arduinoBT besorgt und war bis heut morgen eigendlich ganz happy damit. allerdings hab ich dann versucht das Bluegiga WT11 in den auto search modus zu versetzten und seither kann ich keine neuen sketchs mehr hochladen deshalb möchte ich gerne den gesamten Arduino wieder in den ausgangs zusand versetzten oder zumindest des Teil über den UART neu Programmieren...
Hier mein code:
Code: [Select]
/*Boot-Settings. Performed on µC start*/
void setup() {
  pinMode(openDoors, OUTPUT); //declare the openDoors pin as output
  pinMode(closeDoors, OUTPUT); //declare the closeDoors pin as output
  pinMode(RESET,OUTPUT);   // declare the Reste pin as output
  Serial.begin(115200);    // connect to the serial port
  digitalWrite(RESET, HIGH);
  digitalWrite(RESET, LOW);
  Serial.println("SET BT PAGEMODE 3 2000 1");    /* BT iWRAP is visible in the inquiry and answers calls, Page timeout 2000 (HEX) equals 8192 (DEC). Multiply it by 0.625 and you
                                                    get the page timeout in milliseconds. In this case, it is 5120 ms (8192 *0,625ms).*/
  Serial.println("SET BT NAME KeyLessEntry");    // Name of the device is KeyLessEntry
  Serial.println("SET BT ROLE 0 f 7d00");        /* allows master-slave switch when calling, All modes(Park,Sniff,Park,Roleswitch) are Enabeled, Supervision timeout controls how
                                                    long a Bluetooth link is kept open if the remote end does not answer. In this case 20000ms (7d00h equals 32000dec * 0,625ms) .*/
  Serial.println("SET CONTROL ECHO 0");          // the start-up banner is visible
  Serial.println("SET BT AUTH * 12345");         // Pairung Key is 12345
  Serial.println("SET CONTROL ESCAPE - 00 1");   /* disable escape sequence, Bit mask for selecting the digital I/O pins used for DTR in HEX, Return to command mode when DTR line
                                                    transitions from low to high*/
  Serial.println("SET CONTROL BAUD 115200,8n1"); // first release 19200
  Serial.println("SET BT POWER 3 3 3");          // Sets TX-Power to BT-CLASS 3
  Serial.println("SET BT PAIRCOUNT 2");          // Sets the max number of pairable devices
  Serial.println("SET CONTROL AUTOCALL 1 10000 RFCOMM"); /*When the AUTOCALL feature is enabled, iWRAP tries to form a connection with a paired device until the connection is
                                                           established. If the connection is lost or closed, iWRAP tries to reopen it.*/[/code

Ich hoffe jemand kann mir helfen !!



gibt es keine Möglichkeit das Bluetooth Modul auf Werkseinstellung zurück zu setzen?


  - multiCameraIrControl [V1.6]


Also ich hab keine gefunden hab mir jetzt so nen ISCP ding bestellt hoffe damit klappts dann.

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