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Hi all,

I want to use analog analog pin as digital input pin in as3 as i ran out of digital pins.

I can use it in arduino IDE by writing,


pinMode(14, INPUT);
digitalRead(14, HIGH);

but how can i use it in as3? It is not working with flash. I used the following code in as3,


import net.eriksjodin.arduino.Arduino;
import net.eriksjodin.arduino.events.ArduinoEvent;

var a:Arduino;
a = new Arduino("", 5331);
a.addEventListener(Event.CONNECT , onSocketConnect);
a.addEventListener(ArduinoEvent.FIRMWARE_VERSION , onReceiveFirmwareVersion);
a.addEventListener(ArduinoEvent.DIGITAL_DATA, onReceiveDigitalData);

function onSocketConnect(e:Event):void

function onReceiveFirmwareVersion(e:ArduinoEvent):void


function onReceiveDigitalData(e:ArduinoEvent):void
trace(e.pin , e.value);


As you can see in the code I am also using digital pin 2 and it works with the digital pin 2 but its not working with digital pin 14.

I  want to analog pin 0 (digital 14) to detect motion form a digital PIR sensor (high and low) without expander. I think I am missing something in flash code.

Waiting for your quick replies. I am in real urgent at this moment.

Thank you all in advance.

Cheers !!



Code: [Select]
digitalRead(14, HIGH);

I have no idea what the outcome of that piece of code will be, but you certainly can't read something "HIGH".  You can either write it high, or read it.


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