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I am working on a HUD speedo for my motorcycle.  It should be easy enough, just and arduino, gps shield, and 4 digit 7 segment led.  I got that part working (other than a defective gps module).  This got me thinking, I will always have a gps on my bike then maybe I can track my bike.  After some research it seems the best way to do this is to get a cellular shield and send SMS somewhere.

i have a couple questions about this.  First, does anyone have experience with this in the US?  If so what cell plan do you have? 

I only need a text plan and I found one from a company called Qwert that offers 400 messages a month for $11 or unlimited for $20.  After reading their terms agreement I could do the 400 per month if I am careful.  I wonder if this is enough.  I would have to keep track of how many are sent and find a rate that keeps me within that limit.  Maybe base in on once every 5 minutes or every 2 miles or something.  I would have a switch so I can manually keep the device from sending messages if I need to.  Then to create balance have a button to force a message to be sent.  If the message count is high, say 370 or greater, I can indicate that by turning on one of the decimal points.  If at limit I could turn on all decimal points.

The other issue is to get the SMS messages to google maps.  I think I have a solution for this.  Send the SMS to a twitter account.  The SMS will be in the format of RideID, TimeStamp, Long, Lat.  Then I could make a php script on my website to use the twitter api that gets the last 20 status messages and put them on a google map.  This seems kind of like a hack though.  Anyone know a more elegant way?

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