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Over the last few weeks I've been asking questions pertaining to my current LED project and yesterday I finally finished fabricating it!


That's my flickr page for this project, there's a rough tutorial on there (Which I'm hoping to have time to tidy up a bit and pad out some more soon.

Thanks to those arduino forum members who helped me out during this build!


PS... I'll have a video of this thing in action soon.


Cool, can't wait for the video

I'm more of a moving pictures kind of guy :P


Looks nice, also looking forward to video.

What are you planning to do with it?


@Meinaart:  It's going to be the main visual component of (what started out as) an alarm clock.  Since I started this project a while ago, I keep thinking up interesting new features to add to it...

The enclosure for this is a translucent blue ABS thing (http://images.maplin.co.uk/full/n09gc.jpg) that is JUST larg enough to hold this panel lengthwise with about 2mm clearance each end.  The panel will be screwed to the lid of the box in order to shine through the blue plastic and create a nice diffused glow, and will also help to make it more viewable from the sides.

I've got a couple of nicely tactile arcade buttons to act as a human interface, along with a 16-position dial switch to let you select what mode you want (set date/time, set alarm, "screensaver modes" etc.).

I am planning to add many bits over the next year or so until i've crammed as much electronic goodness into this thing as possible.  The screensaver modes for example will include scrolling newsfeeds, a snowfall effect, horizontal tetris, random noise (tv snow) and so on and so on...

The timekeeper will be a DS1307 RTC (only because Chronodots seem to be hard to come by).


Nice, I want to try one of these as a alarm also. I'd like to see how this goes.


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Well I've got a few bugs to work out in the code but it goes something like this...


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