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Hi cr0sh,
yes, the user is member of dialout group.



Hi All,

I finally found the solution for Arduino Uno and Ubuntu.

In my case has been run as sudo the IDE:

sudo ./arduino-0022/arduino

So far it seems to work.

Thanks to everyone for the help and sorry for my bad temper when things do not work.

Jaume Nogues
Vall Hebron Tech School


At great personal trouble and expense (OK, not so much expense) : the 'Complete Numpties Guide to Arduino on Ubuntu'


No sudo, root, faffing with lists or access controls, just works.


Pluggy, YOU are an example of why Arduino is great!

We GOTTA get a place to PUT this kind of Institutional Memory before it gets lost! I asked about this on FORUM and was told "Put it somewhere in the Playground"..

What's the RIGHT way to handle this?? Isn't there a (Where Are We?? = "Installation & Troubleshooting ") FAQ????  ????


I've put a link on the Ubuntu Install page on the playground http://arduino.cc/playground/Linux/Ubuntu which is linked through from the install page. Its actually hosted on my own site, so the walkthrough itself can't be screwed with as on the Wiki playground.  Hopefully some will find it when they want to install the IDE on Ubuntu and we'll get less threads relating to Ubuntu installs.  I'd have done it with 64bit if I had something to hand that does 64bit...... 


Lefty, Thanks, and I will see if some of us can get some of the Uno/USB debugging stuff somewhere there too...


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I am running ubuntu 11.04 64bits and your instruction work great with two exceptions avrdude and librxtxSerial.so    avrdude is a ELF 32-bit LSB executable.  I installed ia32-libs to get around this. For librxtxSerial.so, I renamed librxtxSerial.so to librxtxSerial.so.bak


Lefty, Thanks, and I will see if some of us can get some of the Uno/USB debugging stuff somewhere there too...

You mean pluggy? ;)

I might get a computer loaded up with xubuntu or something soon to use as a speedy-boot arduino computer. I have very limited knowledge of linux so that guide will come in handy, thanks pluggy.

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