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I made a mistake with ifdef before (it's still not working if you have a 168 / 8) I'm not sure if you can use an or statement in the preprocessor section.

I didn't realise that the RJ45 will be jumpered to the pins you want to use. Very clever.

As another suggestion maybe you can make the pads for the resistors of the 3mm leds so that it can either be throughole resistor or for a cleaner look a smd resistor.
But that might be to much trouble for little benefit.


Thanks wortelsoft. I'll look into the preprocessor directives more carefully once I get my boards. If you think the resisters are in the way, you can hang them below the board. There's nothing on arduino that will collide with the resistors hanging below the shield.

About the RJ45, yeah, all 8 pins are broken out and there are 5v and gnd near each jack for easy access to power and ground. The buzzer and sensor block are also loose, so you can jump them to any pin. It's more work on the user but offers more flexibility.

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