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The problem with RGB or VGA is that if you also have to divide the screen
If you want to get good Ambilight you extend the screen with the colours projected on the wall.
So you have to divide the screen where each side gets the colour of that portion of the screen.
Thats not posible with the RGB output from your Tv set without additional hardware to devide the screen as far as I know.

Yeah, that was the conclusion I came to after a while.


Is there anyway for the script to avoid averaging the black bars on widescreen movies?


Yes, define the screen portion that you need.

I'm curently developing a version with 4 the sides from the screen giving sepate outputs.
In that version I have a pixel offset feature,  with that you can skip the black bars.

By the way most of the work must be done in Processing, not on the Arduino


@chnics "Royboy, are you still interested in this project and looking to improve it or do you see yourself as done and going for the next challenge?"

My aim was to quickly create a platform which is easy to understand and modify. My job is done here :) I am quite happy with it :) It will at most take a person a day of coding and a week of shipping materials to extend this to screen borders and so on. So good luck to everyone who wants to extend this further! And please post your code somewhere where everyone can find :D

It is another weekend and thus time for me to work on something else :p


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edit: just tried this myself. 9.6 volts works just fine...

Has anyone tried powering these strips off 9.6 volts? I assume it should work, but the LED's will simply be dimm. Does that make sense? Can anyone who has a working setup and a 9v battey lying around quickly give this a try and tell me the results? I would like to incroporate this into an excisting project and dont have 12v available...

Well, if someone has the equipment to quickly check this out for me, it would be apreceated.



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