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Topic: Why is there an old arduino on the main hompage? (Read 458 times) previous topic - next topic


It really bothers me having to look at a picture of something with a serial port of the homepage of any website in 2009 >:(. Why hasn't it been replaced with the duemilanove or at least soemthing with usb? :-?


I've been asking myself the same question from day one. I even think I've participated in topics on this before.
It's worth a second go.


Think of it as a historical record. Tracing ones roots so to speak ;)



I'm not sure why having to look at a serial port in 2009 would bother someone; even if it is outdated, to be actively bothered by it seems surprising to me.  

It is like tracing one roots. If that were bad, why would we have museums?


No arguments.. but then again, how often do you visit a museum?:D

But I agree, a big macho Mega would be quite.. appealing, if you will! lol especially anyone that was a previous Picaxe user.. BS2 user.. etc, it's like proto-pr0n! ;D

It doesn't.. "bother" me.. but it just seems very "ghetto" if you will, compared to "todays" boards! :P

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