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Canique MK2 is an ATMega328P based board that can be programmed just like an Arduino - with the same Arduino IDE. You only need an FTDI adapter to program it.
It is an ideal candidate if you need an ultra low power node that sends/receives data over big distances...

Optimized for Efficiency

The Canique MK2 is available in 2 versions: with voltage regulator or without - to make sure it consumes as little power as possible.
Power consumption via 3.3V without voltage regulator: ~4uA in sleep mode
Power consumption via >3.3V with voltage regulator: ~6uA in sleep mode

Run an Arduino with 1 AA battery?

By connecting a Canique Boost to the 3.3V power input of the Canique MK2 you can even make this board run with a single AA battery.


  • u.FL connector can be soldered onto the board
  • hole for antenna
  • optional 4MBit flash memory
  • optional RFM69W/HW on its back side

Quick Facts

  • Dimensions: 33 mm x 23 mm
  • Microcontroller: Atmega328P-AU
  • Stock speed: 16MHz (can be lowered)
  • Bootloader: Dual Optiboot is preinstalled, a blink sketch is programmed on the board
  • Max. voltage via "VIN" (Voltage Regulator): 13V
  • Range achieved: 1 kilometer

Shipped from Europe

It is shipped worldwide but especially easy to get in Europe since it is shipped from Europe.

Additional information and setup instructions


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