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Does anyone know if the A000006 Arduino board from Mouser is just the board or does it include parts?

Also, can the Atmega88 be used on this board?  It looks like the pinout matches.


Sure looks like a great price for a complete board. 
Is the 28-pin part the same pinout as the later 168 & 328?
That'd be a steal for an embedded project - $7.20, replace the chip for $5.50, program it on an Uno first for a faster download, and off you go.
If it wasn't so late I'd compare the pinouts myself - off to be instead ...
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That's one of the Original Arduino boards that have been out of production for several years. It used the ATmega8 chip, and yes you could just pop the chip and replace it with a 168/328 (with bootloader) and away you go. Of course your PC has to have a true RS-232 serial port or you would need to get a USB serial cable with true RS-232 voltages.

So it's an old obsolete model, but at a great price. And version 22 of the IDE still supports mega8 boards. I wonder how mouser got a hold on them? Possibly Arduino gave them a deal they couldn't refuse to take all they had left in deep storage?



I wish I had noticed that before I placed my recently Mouser order.  Those are COLLECTORS ITEMS!
(I wonder if Mouser really has any or whether this is some inventory screw-up?)


I compared pinouts myself and the only difference seems to be that the newer chips have more functions on top of the Atmega8 functions.  The trouble is that Mouser is out of Atmega8 chips and will be until July.  If I have to buy the parts separately I need an MCU.  If they come with I don't have to buy any MCUs.

The serial boards are great for my needs.  I really just need a circuit board already made up with the lines brought out like that.  It even has a ground plane for the analog lines.  I don't want to have to send another order and I don't want a lot of extra parts.

I built an ISP from the old Ponyprog schematics on Lancos.  It works.  I have an Attiny26 happily flashing LEDs now.  My application wants a couple of analog inputs and the Attiny gets crowded if I can't have the same port switching and watching three analog inputs.  I think it will also want that ground plane.

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