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WilliamK Govinda

Hey guys, while we wait for some final parts on our Drum Machine project, I was wondering on some small MIDI Apps which would take just Midi Input, Output and some sort of Interface to see what's going on and make choices.

Here's a few ideas:

1) Arpegiator - simple or complex
2) Mellody - you play a chord at the bottom of your keyboard, and at the top, the white keys follow the mellody of that chord.
3) Key Switching - lets you select your midi channel by using the lower keys of your keyboard. Most MIDI controllers have a channel selector but are a bit tricky to use. With this, you can select things faster
4) Key Transposer - the lower keys let you transpose the whole keyboard with one touch

And so on...

What you guys think?

Best Regards, WilliamK

WilliamK Govinda

Another idea I just had. ;-)

5) MIDI Loop Recorder - for when inspiration strikes. ;-) You record something, let it loop, play along, record something else, and so on....


WilliamK Govinda

And yet another idea:

6) MIDI Playback for Live usage. You record some midi tracks, save into the flash or memory, and have it play tracks with the midi keyboard. EG: Note 60 starts a bass line. Note 62 a Synth Line 1. Note 64 Stops Synth Line 1 and Starts Synth Line 2. And so on.



I like the usage of lower keys as trigger - Some thinking-out-loud ideas...

7) Start Stop a metronome and adjust its speed (follow the rythm)

8) Switch on/off/dim my LED lights above the sheet music.

9) Send a signal to my PC to switch to the next page of sheet music e.g. page-forward in a PDF; another key to start at the first page again. A far more complex application could include selection of PDF's etc. No need for PC keyboard/mouse, Midi driven application

10) Make a PC MP3 player MIDI controllable, for play along with some music - practice ..  some similarity with 9,

11) Start my coffee machine !


Rob Tillaart

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I am working on something that converts a 3-axis accelerometer into midi control data (changing in real time volume, pitch bend, expression, vibrato, special SysEx messages etc.)



I would kill for an arpeggiator.  In fact, i was searching for one when I found your drum machine!  I would pay for the code like you do with the drum machine (which I will do as soon as I finish my current project).

I also like the idea of a midi loop recorder


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@antman - I made an arduino based arp based on the RPG8 in propellerheads reason - https://github.com/hotchk155/Arduinopeggiator
(clip shows it not quite finished :o)


The main Midi functions I've always wanted from such a box: modulation on Midi messages.

1) Midi Delay: A Midi based delay effect like the ones proposed on Synthedit based VST modules.
When transmitting a note,  repeating it 2*3 times more at a configurable delay, but with velocity reduced. A Midi emulated version of the Delay effect indeed.

2) Route and replace - e.g. : replace Modulation by current note Velocity
That would allow for example to command the cutoff filter of the synth engine with velocity.

3) Midi LFO / A(D)SR applied on Modulation or pitch bend.
With some clever math applied to the incoming Mod / Pitch Bend CC messages, add an LFO or state triggered A(D)SR to the modulation parameters, or any other one for sound enhancing purpose.

That's all I have on top of my head, hope it helps.
Blog, DIY Electronics & Stuff - http://www.banson.fr

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