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Hello Everybody

I am trying to get a stepper motor running with Arduino.

I read this tutorial:
And I think that could work fine for me.

I bought a 12V stepper motor, which seems to much current the arduino can give.

So I will get an old floppy and try it with the one mentioned.

But since I am really starting to understand all the Voltage and Ampere and Millliampere situation. I would like not to ruin anything.
Therefore can anybody tell me the exact pieces I have to order to make this work.

I have the Potentiometer, I have an Arduino Uno, I have all the wires.
What I miss is the long black thing in the middle of the breadboard. What is that and what exactly is the name to order it.

Also the wiring is made for the duemilanove I believe. Is there a wiring photo for the Uno?

What I ultimativley like to achieve is that this stepper motor powers a plastic feeder that turns after a pressure sensor is pressed.




You need external power supply for your stepper, and I think the black thing you're talking about could be ULN2004, which contains 7 transistor array, suitable for driving unipolar stepper motors.

How many wires are there, in your stepper?
Check this out: http://www.tigoe.net/pcomp/code/circuits/motors/stepper-motors


PS. Don't connect your motor directly to arduino.
The only law for me; Ohms Law: U=R*I       P=U*I
Note to self: "Damn! Why don't you just fix it!!!"


You will not have any problem if you follow exactly as the tutorial on the website and the black thing in hte bread board you are talking about is mentioned there it self
Picture of a protoboard supporting the ULN2003A and a potentiometer
-source Arduino - UnipolarStepper

Also the wiring is made for the duemilanove I believe. Is there a wiring photo for the Uno?

the same wiring will go even with the uno


This is what I bought:


I dont think I need that power.

What I would like to have is a foolsproof tutorial where every step is explained with the exact components that I have and get one stepper running.

I also bought this here:


Waiting for that to arrive.




I dont think I need that power.

Not sure what you mean but that motor needs an external power supply.
It takes 0.33A per winding so that is a total of 0.66A, this is more than can be extracted from an arduino even running off a separate supply.

There are two sorts of motor dive, a simple switching drive where the motor is connected directly across the power supply and a chopping stabilised one where the drive limits the motor current.


The motor you have linked is a bipolar stepper motor and appears to be a 200 step, off the fact that each turn is 1.8 degrees as stated. Here is the site and pages that document how to use the motor shield and the stepper. http://www.ladyada.net/make/mshield/index.html


I have the same motor and arduino board i am kind of new to it
can u explain me fully what else do i need to drive my stepper motor coz i have a very short time to do this project
please be clear with everything
( do i need a h_bridge i saw it when i googled about his issue and i dont know what it really is)


do i need a h_bridge

Yes this is how you drive a bipolar stepping motor.

Here is a link to the Arduino library:-
You might like to look at this:-

coz i have a very short time to do this project

Is this your homework?


no this is my final year project and its on 30th this month
i figured it out how to drive it basically i used a l293d motor driver which can drive one bipolar stepper motor my motor is working fine and everything is almost fine but the problem is everytime i run the motor the angle doesnt go like i want to. i mean there is a 90 degree forward and 90degree backward but everytime i run the motor ot goes like 93 degree which might be the motor angle error percentage and when i use it for like 4  5 times the error gets wider and wider and closes the range of my interest i was wondering how i can solve this problem (i looked at the data sheet and i found my STEP ANGLE is 1.8° +- %5) i know i should change my arduino  software but i dont know what the value should be to be added to my step
sorry for my english obviously its nt my first language

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