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Hi there,

I'm also working on the same project as you are!
I figure a way to run the stepper motor without the use of the Arduino with a TDF5140A, freeing it from controlling the pulses. I will PM you my info in if you like to exchange some findings :)


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First of all sorry for my poor english an sorry for my low knowledges. I have no experience at all with arduino and very little with electronics. All I know has been taken from internet, forums and try, error and correct so many of my sentences might be nonsenses.

This idea with the this IC seems to be much better that to use the L293.

After maaaaany hours and tryes with the l293 I have drive the motor hdd quite fast with the arduino but I have faced some big problems

The current. As the resistor between the phases of the hdd is very low the current is too high I ahve limited the current with th power supply but is getting two much current , more than 2 amps. I had a piggyback l293 but even like that was getting way too hot. I burned my fingers a couple of times.

Too avoid this the pulses on the phases ABCABC ( I found that this is the best , not overlaped pulses) should be pwm to 20000 HZ according to some sources.

I think thta this is too much for the arduino. I have found that just pulsing ABC was a microseconds thing so make a pwm over this is too much. I have tryed with analogwriters but no way as I think that analogwrite is aroung 400 hz or so.

One collegue suggested to use tones for the 20000 actually the idea was looking very good but I never tryed

Anyway. I have used the schematics from this web page http://Http://letsmakerobots.com/node/2898 to connect the l293

Now I gave up and I am using a radiocontrol ESC is working much better, ver low power, very cheap in ebay, problem is all the startup protecions, and program funcitions are a bit embarrasing and useless for this.

I have looked for IC like the TDF5140, and I thinks that this is the best approach, easy, to control the mottor. sensorless is good as you need the sensor anyway for the lights. When I was looking the main problem s that almost all the ICs are very small package to solder and this seems to be quite good.

Believe me you will have enough working with the lights.

Right know I have worked too much on this. I am waiting for a arduino mini, I have the ds1307 and now I am totally stopped and exhausted with this project.

I will try to mount everything inside the hdd case to see if it fits as I am a little bit tired of programing, and make everything work and after that, lets see if I am ready to start again with background efecst and so on.


The 5140 is really easy to use indeed, I got it from the Digikey website

As far as the LEDs, there is a a lot of work indeed hehe
I got decent experience with the Arduino and electronics if I could help in anyway. PM me or even call me if ya like.
No trees were harmed by the transmission of this message. However a few million electrons were temporarily inconvenienced.


Im doing the same project myself, learning as I go.  I'm a real newbie at this all but would a Darlington Array like a ULN2803A, work to control both the led's and the motor?


I being using a 2803 to play with the LED's but when it comes to controlling them at the time we need to do so it might end up proving to be too slow, which is why I'm considering to use a highspeed mostfet to do the job. As far as running the 3 phase on the HD, you need a pull and pull solution like the l293, but you will likely run into the same problem fortunados ran into which is the Arduino would be busy doing both the pulses for the motor and the LEDs at the same time. Unless you are considering to use a 2 Arduino solution to do all separately, I recommend you also look into the 5140 which takes care of all the phase pulses without any need for logic involvement other than a 5v high from the micro controller. PM me your info if you like so we can get in touch.
No trees were harmed by the transmission of this message. However a few million electrons were temporarily inconvenienced.

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