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I need to control a dimmable ballast for T5 H0, it's an OSRAM Quicktronic QTi 2x28/54 dim.
How do I do that ? And what's needed on its inputs (see attached photo) ? I don't have a manual, I'm not that good at electronics. It looks like it wants some 0-10v, as the Arduino only provides 5v, do I just have to find a schematic to "double the voltage" ?

Thanks in advance guys,



Looks as if you control  it with a variable voltage fro 0V to 10V.
If this correct controlling it with an Arduino will not be straight forward.
You will either need to use a DAC to get varying voltage or generate a voltage using PWM and some resistors, capacitors and transistors.
The DAC is probably the simplest method for generating a varying voltage. Then you will need a transistor based circuit to level shift the voltage.
Get onto Google. Research DACs, see what is available. Check transistor amplification etc.
Good luck


a DAC seems like overkill. check out this post where they discuss exactly what you are doing



Thanks for your answers.
Now a basic non-Arduino question: I plugged the lamps on the ballast, and the ballast on the mains, but lamps don't light.
I tried putting a 1.5V AA battery on the 0-10v input, but still nothing.
How can I test the ballast easily ?



Connect 9V battery.
And I agree with weirdo557, don't use a DAC, it's too much.


Old Post but only for everyone who is looking for a solution: the dimming is not with voltage. The voltage is provided by the OSRAM QTI. Everything its controlled with the splitting of the voltage and the current if you are connecting a resistor to the two dim pins!

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