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I´m working this display DOGL 128-E http://www.reichelt.de/?ACTION=3;ARTICLE=86715;PROVID=2402.You can find the datasheet on the right side.

I built it up, like it is descripted in the datasheet (the single supply). I´m using a cmos 4050 for the level conversion of the output from the digital ports (Serial Data in, Serial Clock, Command, Chip Select).

If I power up the arduino, I can see the right output on the display. But after 1 minute or so it fades out. The contrast is so weak that nothing can be seen. I think it´s a capacitor-problem (1uF). Cause if I disconnect the arduino from the power supply for few minutes, I can reproduce the error.

So here are my questing:
1) Is this the right capacitor? http://www.reichelt.de/?ACTION=3;ARTICLE=20330;PROVID=2402 (Maybe thisquestion is stupid but I´m a little desperate.
2) Is there someone who know this problem.


Maybe the polarity is wrong with one of your capacitors.
Usually I use Z5U Kerkos for the DOGs and had never a problems with them.



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I´m confused. Cause Tantal-capacitors haven´t polarity. ???

Sorry! Tantal-capacitors have polarity. I rebuild the circuit and have paid attention to the polarity. Know, it works. Thanks to Oliver!
In the future I will use other capacitors without polarity.

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