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Hi guys,
I have tried transistors connected to 24v but transistor burnt and 24v gone to 5v pin in my arduino uno , now my computer don't find arduino and chip next to the part T16.000 is hot (50 degres) can I save my arduino ??? Thanks (sorry for my english, I am from Slovakia)


Glad to know I am not alone in this problem. I tried to use an esp8266 connected to an external powersupply through a bidirectional voltage stepper. Something appears to have gone wrong and I am experiencing identical problems. Did you have any luck with yours?


Also I feel this xkcd post is obligatory at this point



@ pazdo. Some people seem to have manages to salvage thier Arduinos by changing out the voltage regulators but it seems quite hit and miss. And only feasible if your any good with SMT components.

@ RNiall. The obligatory post is INVALID for the following reasons.

1. Yours is DIFFERENT HARDWARE in every sense of the word
2. The world is full of blown up electronics from reverse polarity or over voltage.
3. Many pieces of equipment have an IDIOT DIODE.
3. You are not alone. I popped an esp01 a couple of days ago by applying 12V up its tiny ass. Solution drop it in the bin pick out another correct my mistake and moved right along.
4. You seemingly forgot to look for "blown chip", "overvoltage", "blown esp" in google

maybe this link is more appropriate
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Thanks for the reply I've taken a look at replacing the voltage regulator maybe I'll leave that for when I'm a little less of a noob. I'm still trying to figure out precisely what went wrong, I didn't put the 12v straight into the system, I used an lm1117v33 to downstep the voltage. My problem is I didn't take action to reduce the current and now my widdle arduino pays the price.

The esp is actually fine, it's the arduino that's buggered.. The little chip next to the T16000 is overheating :)


The really weird thing is, when I plug the board into a USB 2.0 my computer cannot register it at all. If I plug it into a USB 3.0 and use dmesg, my computer tells me that it is found but "is not accepting address"
I have tried to reflash the processor using gpio pins on my raspberry pi through arduino icsp pins but with equal success. As Ballscrewbob suggested I think I will have to put it to the side until I have another use for it (probably scrap parts-the processor is still fine I took it out and put it into another arduino and it works just fine)

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