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Author Topic: Problem with Yun Wifi when powered via Vin  (Read 3 times)
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We find that the Wifi on our Yun  works perfectly when USB powered. We have built a carrier board which supplies the Yun via Vin using a 7085 regulator and find that when powered this way the Wifi is unstable at best. Our method of testing involves connecting to the Yun AP from a windows PC and browsing the config web page. A very basic sketch  is loaded on the Yun to exclude possible interference from this.   

Observations are as follows :

1) When powered up only via Vin, the Yun AP does not appear when attempting to connect from the PC.
2) When power is supplied to Vin with the USB cable connected, the AP appears in windows , the config page can be browsed and the connection remains stable
3) If after this the USB cable is disconnected the Wifi works for a short time (10-20 seconds) and then the AP disappears (the processor handling the Wifi has locked up?)

We measured the voltage on Vin at 4.85V and the voltage on the Yun USB connector at 5.1V . Surely this marginal voltage difference could not cause this instability?

Is it possible that  high current pulses drawn during Wifi transmission has caused voltage dips in the supply from the 7805 which has caused instability in the micro handling the Wifi?

Any advise would be greatly appreciated


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