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For some reason I can't upload anymore and it keeps coming up with this message:

"avrdude: ser_open(): can't open device "\\.\COM1": Access is denied."

Help is appretiated and I thank you in advance. :smiley-lol:


Im still learning as well, but I had a similar avrdude error when I started messing with the avr files because of a forum I read. I put the avr file back to normal and problem went away. Depending on where you downloaded your firmware from someone might have messed with the avr file. I download all my firmware from Arduino.cc


I get it from Arduino.cc as well... I still don't get it.


Do you have the correct port selected from the tools -> Port menu? Windows will assign devices different port numbers depending on what USB port they're plugged into, so it may be pointed at what the port used to be.

You're uploading to a normal arduino board via usb/serial, right? (as opposed to using an ISP/SPI programmer of some sort)
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