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I found a post over at https://opendiyer.com/where-to-get-cheap-one-off-pcbs/ which seems to be somebody's new blog, which has a list of options on.  Could maybe get him to update that list with the ones off this thread?


jlcpcb is the best place i have found. it is best for the price and the quality of the product


if your pcb size is not more than 100mmx100mm and max 2 layered they made it only for 2$ in 2 days and shipping takes max 5 days (shipping available to most country)

they support via and hole plating

diffrerent pcb colors are avaible ( green , red, yellow, blue, white, black) for 2$ prototypes you can only choose green

pcb solder mask is made so you dont have to worry about oxidation.

you can check the process of your product from the site online

and i suggest you to choose DHL for the shipping .
 here are some pics of three pcb boards i ordered

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