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The reason engineers don't write Valentine's Day poems is because of the inherent problems trying to rhyme with the word "Inverted".  Or even trying to in the first place...

It's great to hear that you have a heart full of caramel and nougat, unless it's from a cardiologist.


Who would want negative feedback on Valentine's day?  8)
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Ran Talbott

Who would want negative feedback on Valentine's day?  8)

Bystanders who are mortified. Or envious.  ]:D


Someone say negative feedback?
I have plenty, don't need any more :p


I put a huge blinking heart on the table this morning, but when my better half came back home the power was out and I had it hooked up to a PC instead of a battery... so she didn't get the message until I got home and the power was back and I showed her... That sucked.


For Valentine's I'm thinking
About a bright red blinking
Heart for you.

But my light-emitting diode
Could not express what I owed
To you.

(Especially with the power out.)


I made this with a LoLShield: S ? C.

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