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I have created a tutorial on how to use the Arduino+Ethernet Shield and ThingSpeak. You can use it to data log on the web, see charts, connect a device to the internet, or even send status updates to Twitter.


The sketch shows you how to send an HTTP POST to the ThingSpeak API. It's updated to use Arduino 22, the native String library, and includes a watchdog timer for the Ethernet Shield. When 5 failed transactions are detected in a row, the Arduino re-initializes the Ethernet Shield (soft-reset). This will not solve every lockup, but it will make the setup more stable.

ThingSpeakClient Sketch http://community.thingspeak.com/arduino/ThingSpeakClient.pde

Here's how you get started with the ThingSpeakClient sketch...

  • Sign Up for New User Account - https://www.thingspeak.com/users/new

  • Create a New Channel by selecting Channels and then Create New Channel

  • Enter the Write API Key in this sketch under "ThingSpeak Settings"

A ThingSpeak Channel can hold any type of data - sensor data (decimal and comma), binary data, serial strings... You can also send geo location information in dedicated location for mobile things. We just released an app you can install that allows you to send Twitter updates without doing OAuth on the Arduino side. The other part of ThingSpeak is that you can get data from a channel and start connecting things together.

We welcome anyone to try it out and looking for feedback as the service is new. The source code for the API will go up on GitHub and be open source once the kinks are worked out. The app is localized with language YML files, so you can even translate into pirate if you want. We hope this makes it easier to connect things to the web.


How much do you folks expect to charge for this service when you come out of testing mode?
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I hope it's always in testing mode so that we keeping adding new features and keep it free. We are operating under the MySQL guidelines. Like I said, shortly the API source code will be on GitHub so you can fork on to your own server or put it on a shared host.

Do you have any ideas for it?


Being able to save data over extended periods is my top item.  Comparing this year to last, this month to last, that kind of thing.  Also, being able to import data for the past so one can bring in older data.  Charts and stuff are cool, but if you don't have the data from the past you can't make comparisons.
Trying to keep my house under control http://www.desert-home.com/


So this is basically a MySQL server, just wrapped up and easier to use???

I got my Arduino communicating with MySQL already, and writing to the database, just gotta make it look pretty and have PHP read from it.

Is that what your service is basically providing?? A PHP front end and MySQL database?

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