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Is there an issue with the Arduino Cloud (https://cloud.arduino.cc/cloud)?
I have not used it for about a year, and I need to get my prototype back up and running.
I have gone through every example and matched up everything line for line.  I have even copied the sample code it provide to make sure the ID and PW are copied exactly.  

I'm definitely online and I'm actively using Serial.print to show that mqtt is publishing.  It just never shows up as live on Arduino Cloud.

I'm using the desktop IDE 1.8.5 with the Wifi101 Atmel M0 chip.

I've read through many forums.  Some say it could be the sever port (8883?)  Or maybe its an old active certificate on the firmware, but not sure how to check that one...or if it matters in this case.

Any advice?  It's gotta be something simple...


There is a forum section specifically for Cloud:
If you browse through those posts you might find a solution.

I've requested that this thread be moved there.

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