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Is there a driver option available for the Uno that does not require Administrator rights to install?  Or one that will work for any number of Unos?

I ask this in regards to a computer lab that I run at a University.  Student groups will be using Arduinos to control autonomous hovercraft.  The student accounts do not have admin rights to install the driver for the Uno.  Last semester, with the Duemilenove and IDE versino 0018, once the driver was installed once, it worked for any other Duemilenove that was plugged in.  Now with the Uno and IDE version 0022, each individual board is requesting the driver to be reinstalled.

Thank you for the help.


Copy "Arduino UNO.inf" and "Arduino MEGA 2560.inf" to the "c:\windows\inf" directory (this will require admin privileges). Then try to plug one arduino from non administrator account.
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Hi, I'd like to hear your results with this.. I am working with a very Modern School which has MACs and very OldSkool IT Support  :P


Macs don't need a driver with the Uno. Excellent improvement for the Uno, IMHO.


Oh, cool; I will have 2 try that on a MAC..  Good reason to Specify UNO for school labs...


So, we're still having this problem.  We brute forced it last semester, but I am trying to find a better solution.  I put the two files you mentioned in the C:\Windows\inf folder, but that didn't help any. 

When a new arduino is plugged in under the student accounts, a prompt pops up asking for administrator login and password.  If I enter that, installation continues and the arduino works as expected.  However, I can't give students the admin password every time someone wants to use an arduino. Thanks.


May I suggest a different OS then? Probably cheaper as well. Dual boot maybe?


Ignoring the last post, did anyone have any luck with this? I'm facing the same issue now.


Good luck to you.



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In our school students need to use Arduino UNO on Windows XP machines in a domain. But seems impossible installing drivers without having administrator privileges. I have tried in different ways as suggested in post before but without any success. Anyone could help me? Thank you in advance
Seems there is a solution. http://arduino.cc/forum/index.php?topic=136153.0
Install drivers for UNO one time (using admin rights) and then setting XP to ignore Hardware Serial Number of UNO Boards. Students can use their UNO without driver reinstall.  Arduino UNO vendor & id are: VID 2341 PID 0043 . Will try it tomorrow.
It works !!!
I have added this entry to windows XP registry
[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\UsbFlags] "IgnoreHWSerNum23410043"=hex:01

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