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Jan 21, 2018, 09:36 pm Last Edit: Jan 21, 2018, 09:44 pm by arduinoware
Hereby, with corrected alarm.
I don't recall any other issues with the code.
No idea what's wrong now with the button sounds :-(

I was doing more tests, just to be sure everything is working. and I noticed a few things that don't seem right.

1.    When alarm is playing, in addition to alarm button, hour and minute buttons (short press) can also put the alarm on snooze. I don't mind that, it is actually a good thing, but as long as that doesn't affect other parts of the code adversely.

2.    I think, right now we are missing a special effect when storing time. (when exitting the SETTING MODE and going to normal display). You just longPress hour/minute and time is stored and blinking stops. It doesn't really give any satisfaction. I DON'T mean sound, I mean visual. What do you think we can implement for that transition? Would be nice to have something there. But something simple and yet visual. Trying to avoid flashing or blinking. Please do something with clock time representing LEDs, not all 13 LEDs.

3.    This one is perhaps a bug, not sure. I will try to explain as detailed as possible. Here is the scenario in which I discovered that.

General On/Off button is in OFF position. So, time display is off. Alarm time is reached, so despite On/Off being in Off position, alarm sound starts playing and alarm special effects also start playing and lights/blinking is working as intended. This is all GOOD. So far so good.

Then 10 minutes are elapsed. And alarm should turn off. Which it does fine. With this, all the lights go OFF, this is also correct. Since, On/Off switch is OFF. But then the strange thing happens.

So, you'd think all is correct. General on/off switch is in off position so, with alarm going off, so did the lights. But then, you short press alarm button, it turns clock time back on (LEDs showing current time) and then a longPRESS on alarm button switches alarm back off again and shows the "leds on/flash" (alarm switch off animation/NOT alarm deactivate animation) and then lights go off.

So, looks like with 10 minutes being elapsed, the alarm doesn't really go off or what? because despite ON/OFF switch being in OFF position, you can bring display lights back with only short pressing snooze button. What do you think?



1. That's intentional, to make it a little easier to go to snooze.

2. Can do. Switch on all LEDs, then clear line by line from the top (like when switching off the alarms) but leaving on the LEDs that indicate the clock, so the (newly set) time reappears this way.

3. Will look into that. It sounds that like after the 10 minutes the alarm doesn't switch off properly, so you can still get into snooze mode. That's not supposed to happen.
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This got to be it.

2. effect added.

3. indeed that was a bug; fixed. Clock stayed in alarm mode.
Quality of answers is related to the quality of questions. Good questions will get good answers. Useless answers are a sign of a poor question.

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