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Can any of the cheaper tranceivers on Spark Fun (like http://www.sparkfun.com/products/9582) be setup with multiple senders and receivers?

The idea is that 3+ devices can communicate. They would take turns transmitting, maybe just transmitting short messages at random times, ignoring occasional contention. All transcievers would receive all messages.


Think so, but you have to implement sort of addresses, handshake etc (protocol) so a receiver knows who send what... And to make it reliable (at least enough for your app)
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Has anyone tried this? Anyone have code or links to projects?


Has anyone tried this? Anyone have code or links to projects?

It should, in theory, be quite simple. The radios don't know whether there is one other radio listening, two other radios listening, 1000 other radios listening, or no other radios listening, when they transmit.

As long as each transmission identifies who sent it, and who it is for, the data can be broadcast to every receiver. It is up to the receiver to ignore data not meant for it.

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Tom says: Joe turn lED 3 on

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