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I have a Arduino with Can Bus Shield, and used this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a-smtx6Yrz8 Software to analyze the ths bus.

Now on my new laptop with windows10 the programm does not work.

Does anyone know an other tool that works with an arduino?


how does it not work?  e.g. not output, corrupted output, etc?
what operating system did it work on?
could you run the working system using VirtualBox?


It works good.
i can not say if any messages get loose.

It works on Xp und Win 7 (use need to register an ocx file)

I use VM ware but i would like to have a programm forwin 10, maybe another program is even better.


I have an old lawicel can-usb device which I have to run under Win 7 on Virtualbox because the drivers will not work under Win10!
some time ago I implemented  PC software (Visual Studio C++, C# and VB versions) to monitor Canbus  using a Bytronic PIC24 microcontroller trainer

the software could  set filters, masks, etc, transmit and receive messages using standard 11bit and extended 29bit IDs (photo attached of C++ version)
I must have a look at implementing a version using the Arduino Canbus shield


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