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Nice project, so many things and concepts can be learned and remember so much better and faster if one mixes fun into it. Nice project, particularly like the etched wooden frame.  :)
"The really amazing thing is how many people are successful with their Arduino projects considering the fact that so many of them do not have a technical background.  A lot of them seem to try, and succeed with, projects that no sane engineer would even attempt." - floresta commenting on the proper use of LCD displays


In case you want to see more of the process that has brought us to develop such project please have a look at this webpage
(in case the link breaks please refer to: portfolio.marcotriverio.com )


Even if the schematics and the source code are quite simple I thought someone might be interested in having access to them.
So here they are, just scroll to the very bottom of this page:

...Let me know if you find any mistake!
Have a good day.

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