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Hey peeps, i ordered a NONIN Pulse Oximeter from overseas like 5 weeks back.

Attached below is the module specs & technical information:

After knowing how to connect my Arduino Pro Mini to the Pulse Oximeter module, i realised I do not know how to connect the finger probe to the Pulse Oximeter module.

It is Page 10 under SENSOR CONNECTION. I do not know which pins to connect.

Appreciate lots for your help!!!! :)


Can you post a link to the device you are attempting to connect this to?


Sorry, which link do u need? The finger probe, arduino pro mini or the nonin oem module?


The finger probe that we will be using will be Nonin 8000J Flex to connect to the Nonin OEM module. I am uncertain of the connections for the finger probe to the OEM module.
J1-01 7 Cable Shield     Cable shield
J1-02 5 Coax Signal      Photo diode signal
J1-04 9 Coax Shield      Photo diode bias
J1-05 6 Green             Sensor type #1 line
J1-06 2 Red                LED drive line
J1-07 3 Black              LED drive line
J1-12 1 Yellow            Sensor type #2/1 wire
These are pins to connect the sensors, so I am not sure whether which pins i should connect it to...

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